So, you are a tourist in Georgia. Part 2

In fact, you’ve already learned the features of Georgian national cuisine from the previous post. Now let’s talk about the thing, which awaits you after you’ve already eaten and when you are able (it is very important!) to stand up and go to have some fun, go out and see the beauty of this country:) 


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So, you are a tourist in Georgia. Do you know how to drink and eat rightly in this country?

Try to guess what I’ve been thinking to write about in my blog. Huh?



That’s right. I wanted to inform you about how to be a tourist in Georgia. In all aspects. Let’s begin with the food and all related topics. So, even if you haven’t got friends in Georgia and nobody knows you, you can count on an extremely warm welcome and a friendly treatment, as I have repeatedly mentioned that the guest in Georgia is very respectable person.

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The Bridge of Peace in Georgia!

I was thinking about one thing: there are a lot of people, who are going in Tbilisi for summer vacation. For some reason they can’t afford expensive professional guides. What is more, a lot of people do not have friends in Georgia, who can be good guides.

But some tourists (by the way, the type of tourism which has become quite fashionable abroad, but in our country it is being developed) just go themselves with a backpack and cameras, not wanting to spoil the impression that they are willing to receive by someone’s explanations. Such kind of tourism has its own unique euphoria, hasn’t it?

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Summer is the time of Borjomi

Hooray! Summer entertainments have started! The organism is pleased by strawberries, cucumbers and other vitamins, which were grown on beds. The heart is being warmed by thoughts of upcoming vacation. We were travelling a lot around the land of Samtskhe-Javakheti, so now we can relax… and then visit Borjomi.


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The Code of the guest

Walking with you around Georgia I definitely have to sing an ode to the Georgian hospitality. This tradition is like the national treasure, as well as historic landmarks.


Unfortunately, the modern world changes the quality of communication between people. In large cities the pace of life is very high. You have to solve a variety of tasks every day. Modern professions usually require non-normalized regime, which means «from morning — till evening!” Psychologists have even named this state as a «disease of manager». That means when a man cannot get out of the workflow, he can only think about his work. And one day suddenly you realize that for a hundred years you haven’t seen your friends. You can communicate with them only through the Internet. What shall we do in such case? Of course, to invite guests! Set the table, buy a good wine and Borjomi, and enjoy communicating with nice people. Concerning feasts: you should definitely visit Georgia as a guest!



Favourite Caucasian meal for Ukrainians

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Medieval graffiti

From time to time in Georgia archaeological sensations often happen. In 2008 the Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sports organized a TV shoot in the south of the country in Samtskhe-Javakheti: during the restoration of the Chulev monastery unique paintings of the XIV century were found. According to experts, they have no analogues. The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, images of saints and rulers of this land surprisingly remained safe and sound. Experts say there were no restorations, and it seems that the artist has finished the work yesterday. The find proved to be so high that even the critics put forward the hypothesis that there was a local church school of painting in Samtskhe-Javakheti. According to them, these monastery paintings can change the history of Georgian frescos.

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Christianity and David Gareja monastery complex. (Part 2)

From Tbilisi cave David and his disciple Lucian went to Gareji desert. When they drained the supply of food at new place, Lucian panicked, but the Reverend David prayed to the Lord and miracle happened: doe with full breasts of milk came. David turned milk into cheese and fed Lucian. Since then the doe began to visit them constantly. Once the doe complained of a snake that ate their children. The Reverend told the snake to leave. Snakes obeyed, but as soon as the Reverend turned away Heavenly fire came down and killed the snake so that the snake never could do troubles to animals or people. You can see a picture of these stories on frescoes of 11th century, located in a monastery Udabno near David’s Lavra in Kakheti. Also this story is seen on the wall paintings of 19th century in the Church of St John in Shio-Mgvime Monastery, which is 10 km. from Mtskheta.

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The eve of Easter. Christianity and David Gareja monastery complex. (Part 1)

Easter is one of the most joyous Christian holidays. Most people associate this holiday with coloured eggs and Easter cakes. I have also associations with visiting the church in early morning, when smiling and friendly father liberally asperses with holy water and there is an extraordinary feeling of joy; with the first barbecue, with the first flowering trees…

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