The Code of the guest

Walking with you around Georgia I definitely have to sing an ode to the Georgian hospitality. This tradition is like the national treasure, as well as historic landmarks.


Unfortunately, the modern world changes the quality of communication between people. In large cities the pace of life is very high. You have to solve a variety of tasks every day. Modern professions usually require non-normalized regime, which means «from morning — till evening!” Psychologists have even named this state as a «disease of manager». That means when a man cannot get out of the workflow, he can only think about his work. And one day suddenly you realize that for a hundred years you haven’t seen your friends. You can communicate with them only through the Internet. What shall we do in such case? Of course, to invite guests! Set the table, buy a good wine and Borjomi, and enjoy communicating with nice people. Concerning feasts: you should definitely visit Georgia as a guest!



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