5 elements of beauty


For every person spring is time of blossoming of nature, the first ray of warm sunshine. But along with climate change adverse events often come: the spring depression and vitamin deficiency, which do not make us happy. However, nutritionists believe that there are effective ways to go through it with minimal losses, and even more — to look fresh and beautiful in spring.

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The secrets of beauty of Sophia Loren


It seems that famous women are timeless. But their beautiful appearance is the result of proper care. Sophia Loren is one of the most beautiful women in the world. The secrets of beauty of Sophia Loren helped her over the years to remain the standard of elegance. The actress believes that the appearance of woman is in her hands.

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A liter of Borjomi per day for your beauty


Eat light different food. Your hair and skin need vitamins and minerals. Such products would be good: legumes, fish, bananas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, seafood, dairy products (especially yogurt), oatmeal, buckwheat, sprouted wheat, fruits, vegetables, honey. Eat fruits and salads at least once a day. Do not forget that the menu should be various.

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