Borjomi recommends: how to keep your brain in shape


No one knows the answer on the question: “What is the mind?” And worrying about the brain, you can always keep your mind in shape…

A person can live without food for over a month. On the 7th or 10th day of such existence, the head becomes light and thoughts become bright. However, if you forgot to have a lunch, do not count on such effect. In order to make your «factory of the mind» work well, you should provide it with uninterrupted supply of energy. Otherwise, the brain cells fall into the «sit-in» strike: they can only perform the main duties and that is all.

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Only facts and tips.



Consumption of Borjomi is one of the best ways to prevent kidney stones. Borjomi «lubricates» the joints, thereby fulfilling the role of shock absorber for the spinal cord. It also regulates body temperature and provides elasticity. Water is essential for normal digestion.



A human acutely feels the change of water content in the body. A human can live without water only for few days.

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