Prevention and treatment of spring’s chill


Outside a light breeze is blowing, the bright sun is shining, and sometimes it is little rainy… And, perhaps, there is nothing insidious like spring’s cold. We trusted the calendar. All in all, it’s spring. We relaxed… but unfortunately, caught a cold. Продолжить чтение «Prevention and treatment of spring’s chill»

Lamb shoulder for the fest

During the winter holidays and vacation you can invite your friends for dinner. You can impress your friends if you’ll try to cook lamb shoulder.

In the morning go to the market or shop, where meat is sold.

The seller will choose you a wonderful shoulder. It is better to ask the seller to divide shoulder into two parts, because the whole shoulder is too big for your container for baking. Firstly the shoulder is prepared on the stove top, and then in the oven, so you’d better use a pan with metal handles, so it can be easily put in the oven.

Another variant: at first cook in a deep frying pan, then put a shoulder into a big glass pan.

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