The Day, when ordinary drinking water took the properties of Borjomi.


What curative properties does Epiphany water have?


On the 19 of January Epiphany is celebrated. This day a festive worship is held in all the churches and the water is consecrated. Although it is believed that water becomes holy not because of the read prayers, but because of special transformations in the Earth’s magnetic field, which also help to saturate with the healing power all the water on the planet: water, which was taken from the hole; water, which was consecrated in the temple; and even water, that was taken from the urban water-supplies. But what do the scientists think about it?

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Familiar and unknown — who is she?

Today let’s talk about the most mysterious thing in Borjomi — water. How did the water come on our planet?

There are many sources that suggest a lot of theories. Nobody knows whether the appearance of water caused by the divine nature or by the cosmic nature (water is included in the structure of the comet matter). No one probably has been confirmed. Water is one of the most amazing creations; it continues to amaze even the world-renowned scientists.

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