Tabor — the capital of the Hussites. Part two.

We continue our journey through the ancient capital of the Hussites, the city of Tabor. Tourists like the city at the first glance. Everything here is quiet and calm. The streets are almost deserted. If there were no cars, it would seem that you were thrown four or five hundred years back. When a tourist goes to the main square of Tabor (which is named after Jan Zizka), he will see the town hall.


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Kutna Hora


Name “Kutna Hora” probably is not familiar to you. It seems that there is nothing interesting for tourists. Perhaps, they go there only to put in an appearance. What special features has this place? Well, a small town sixty kilometers from Prague … The historic center, which all can be walked round during 2 hours. Antique cathedrals, the royal palace and the mint place. Pavements, narrow streets and other things in the spirit of «old Europe».

All like in capital, but Kutna Hora is a bit smaller. It is like a regional center with a population of 20,000 inhabitants.

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