Experiment #11



One of the previous experiments (guess what?) illustrated the law of Pascal. Yes, exactly, the programming language was named in honor of Pascal! In addition, in honor of this outstanding scientist was named a unit of pressure (1 Pa). Thus, the normal atmospheric pressure is considered to be equal to 760 mm Hg, or 101 325 Pa. But why do the skates «cut» the ice? From the other side. So why don’t people make the skates more steady?

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Experiment № 9


Yeah, today I have looked through the window and I saw, that it is now May! And today is not even the past July 🙂

Today we are going to use the Borjomi, just Borjomi and nothing but the Borjomi! You can show this experiment to your guests, who do not read this blog and still remain in blissful ignorance concerning the fact, that you have a «power skills» of Snow Queen (or a snowman …).

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Experiment # 6

«It doesn’t burn in fire and it doesn’t sink in water”



«To pass through fire and water» is a very ancient and international idiom. According to the dictionary of phraseological units in the Russian language (authors — Melerovich, Mokienko), this expression goes back to ancient mythological understanding of fire and water as a cleansing elements.

But we know that the best cleaning thing is «Borjomi»!

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