Borjomi cleanses the body from free radicals


In March and April, our body is as a marathon runner on the complex distance from winter to spring. There are some symptoms, which show the spring weakness: sluggishness, frequent colds, circulatory problems, sleep disturbances. It is hard to concentrate in spring. Also forgetfulness increases.

Vitamin reserves are exhausted; free radicals are accumulated, which damage the blood vessel walls. That is why hair loses shine and the skin becomes dry and rough. There is a lot of accumulated (during the winter) melatonin (sleep hormone) in the body, but serotonin (hormone of happiness) is not enough. And all this creates fatigue and weakness.

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Why does the body thirst for Borjomi?


In today’s world human body is under water fasting: for the most part it is because of the peculiarities of the environment in which we live, the dehydrating effect of conditioned air and because of food we eat. We have accustomed not just to quench thirst, but also to extract any additional effect from beverages: a pleasant taste of soft drinks, tonic properties of coffee or tea. We have forgotten how to drink water.

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Meet spring with Borjomi


Spring is a time of tenderness, flowers, romance and love … Unfortunately, it is also a time of cold, influenza, beriberi and other diseases. There is nothing more repulsive than to get sick in spring, when the sky is blue and the sun shines brightly through the window. What danger did spring prepared for us?

In the spring important processes, such as metabolism, cell renewal and blood flow become more active, but a weakened immune system during the winter barely manages to cope with it.

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Healthy winter cocktails

There are some symptoms, which signal about immunity weakness: frequent colds, bad sleep, fatigue, lethargy. So our immunity system needs to be become stronger.

“Winter energy beverages and universal energy drinks are two different types of beverages- Maria Rotter says. – Universal energy beverages (which will help you to keep the vitality all year) are fresh fruit and vegetable juices, milk (due to the caloric content this product may be considered as food). Winter energetic beverages are: hot tea with spices, broth made from dried berries and fruits. The classic of the genre is herbal potion. »

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