A glass of Borjomi before a meal: the principles of weight loss


• You should not lose more than 1 kg per week: rapid weight loss causes not fat, but water, carbohydrate and muscle tissues loss. Sudden calories restrict causes the fact, that body starts to lay in store any eaten fats, even small quantities of fat.

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Borjomi reveals the secrets of famous French women


Claudia Cardinale


«I usually buy cosmetics in order to dispel depression and bad mood. When unpleasant thoughts or feelings are beginning to overcome me, I go to the perfume shop and buy a lot of useless things. I always use my usual cosmetics; I don’t like to cover my face with tone. I apply just a small amount of powder. The only thing I do: apply makeup on my eyes.

I think I’m not fat because I follow the diet very strictly: in the morning I have tea (not coffee!) with toasts, and then I eat at 13.00 and in the evening. I do not even eat between meals. Even fruits. When I start to feel hunger, I drink a glass of water.»

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How to choose soft drinks to dishes


There is no meal, which can be eaten without alcoholic beverages. So let’s consider the compatibility of such beverages with different dishes. When you give the beverage, you should focus on the compatibility of the drink and the dish. Juices can be a good addition to the dishes and they can replace alcoholic drinks.

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Why does the body thirst for Borjomi?


In today’s world human body is under water fasting: for the most part it is because of the peculiarities of the environment in which we live, the dehydrating effect of conditioned air and because of food we eat. We have accustomed not just to quench thirst, but also to extract any additional effect from beverages: a pleasant taste of soft drinks, tonic properties of coffee or tea. We have forgotten how to drink water.

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Borjomi quenches the thirst in spring


In spring and summer refreshments are especially in demand. What is the best way to quench thirst? Let’s see.




Juices are rich in vitamins and trace elements. People like to drink them when the weather is warm. However, most part of fruit juices contains a lot of sugar. For example, a glass of orange juice provides you with about four pieces of sugar and gives you about 90 kcal. You should also remember that all fruit juices are bad for your teeth. Sugar and fruit acids combine with dental plaque and lead to the formation of caries. Therefore, after you have drunk juice, you should rinse your mouth.

Types of fruit juices:

— Fresh. Such type of juices contains a maximum of vitamins and low calories, but it can be stored only for two days.

— Nectars. They contain from 10 to 50% of juice. They have a lot of sugar, and therefore a lot of calories.

— Recovered. Fruit juice concentrate is diluted with water up to the original consistency. After that it is sterilized. Typically, such juices are additionally enriched with vitamins. It can be stored for a week.

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