Borjomi recommends: 10 ways to become smarter


Doing routine tasks, many of us feel a lack of quality of mental activity. Constantly doing the same things you do not feel the fullness of life, because you force the brain to perform the same tasks. So, there is the question: how to take the path of self-education, prevent mental illness and learn something new?

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Borjomi helps to get rid of insomnia


Son of a person has certain cycles: the alternation of fast and deep sleep phases. Breach of this cycle leads to insomnia. It is known that the duration of sleep of people, who suffer from insomnia, is normal. The thing consists in the quality of a dream: a person falls asleep badly, waking up frequently during the night.

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Breakfast, Borjomi and good mood. How overcome fatigue


No doubt that everyone was at such situation: you seem to be doing nothing, but you feel terrible fatigue. You don’t want to move or speak, even to watch television. It seems like all the energy has gone somewhere at once. It is called the fatigue syndrome. And if you often face with such situations, this article is for you. We offer you an easy way to raise your energy level without pills or some cunning tricks. The only thing you have to do is to make up your mind.

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