Chicken marinated in orange

I was searching through the internet to find different recipes and somehow I saw this wonderful chicken recipe. Unfortunately I don’t remember the author.

I tried this recipe many times and the chicken becomes great. I recommend this recipe for the New Year’s table.

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Let’s bake some bread!

According to the legend, the first loaf of bread was baked by the ancient Egyptian, who accidentally left a mixture of flour and water in a warm oven overnight. When he opened the oven, he found soft dough, from which the bread was baked, and it was much more appetizing than solid pellets that he had prepared for himself before. It was 7500 years ago. According to the Russian proverb, bread is a head of everything. A certain kind of bread was baked at every holiday. For example, round loaf was prepared on the wedding, on Easter people usually prepare Easter cake, also during the fasting special bread was made. Nowadays few people bake bread by themselves. It is a pity. Because nothing can compare with the smell of freshly baked homemade bread. You will be shocked by the flavor, which comes from freshly baked bread, if you will spare 1 day to make it.

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