Saint lawyer and publicist

Perhaps, he is one of the brightest characters in the history of Georgia. And how could I forget about this person? He is the real fount of historical controversy, the verge of nature and … well, he is also a poet, an essayist, a Georgian patriot and fighter for the sovereignty of Georgia, the Saint (he was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church in 1987 as Saint Ilia the Righteous), prince and a lawyer by birth (however, without completed higher education). So, let us begin the story.

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Queen Tamar and Borjomi

The history of mineral water and the gorge of Borjomi always have been going hand in hand. Not for nothing the Great Queen Tamar called Borjomi the pearl of her crown. Beauty for beauty, wisdom for wisdom!

The 14th of May is a national holiday in Georgia called Tamaroba. This Day is dedicated to one the greatest georgian rulers — Queen Tamar («Tamara» is the Russian version of the name).

The great queen was descended from the ancient georgian Bagrationi dynasty. According to legend, Bagrat, one of the descendants of brother St. Joseph the Betrothed of Cleophas, moved to Byzantium in the sixth century. There he received the control of South Georgia, thus enabling the beginning of a great dynasty.

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