Anatoly Lunacharsky

Political path

Lunacharsky was born in Poltava in 1875. His stepfather was the illegitimate son of a nobleman Charnalusky, who moved few syllables in the surname of a child. Who could imagine that this surname will be famous throughout Europe? While studying at the Kiev school, he was interested in Marxism. In Kiev he joined a secret Marxist organization and led an active campaign among the workers with fellow Berdyaev, who was nobleman-revolutionary. Surprisingly, but during this time he didn’t fall into the hands of stern authority.

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The Romanovs and Borjomi — general great story

Several generations in succession the bank of mineral water was protected by deputies of the king of Borjomi – The Romanovs. The family of the great princes and princesses with the greatest history ruled in Russia before the Revolution of 1917.

The name of the king usually was not mentioned, but unofficially the throne for many centuries belonged to the House of Romanov. Who else (except a family member) the Emperor Alexander II could trust the Caucasus and a valuable source?

In 1862 the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov comes into own of the subsequent fate of the village Borjomi and the adjoining reserve. Among all places the prince chooses the most beautiful place — Borjomi — and brings family here. In honor of his wife he had built Olgievsky bridge that existed for one hundred years.

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Academician Sakharov

Sakharov is a soviet physicist, academician of the USSR and political activist, a dissident and human rights activist, one of the founders of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. A laureate of the Nobel Prize of 1975.


The fact that Sakharov was a truly legendary figure is especially visible from the current time. His scientific predictions are gradually implemented, bringing the sacred awe to the scientists from all over the world.

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Tales and Legends

Long time ago a volcanic origin of Borjomi had been a legend. Nowadays the story of water that lasts for more than 1500 years is a well- known fact. Do you want to hear some more stories and legends about  Borjomi?

Still no one can say who exactly was the first person to find the source. However, some legends about Borjomi are official, and some are a bit fantastic.

Deer trails.

Resort of Borjomi — Likani

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Queen Tamar and Borjomi

The history of mineral water and the gorge of Borjomi always have been going hand in hand. Not for nothing the Great Queen Tamar called Borjomi the pearl of her crown. Beauty for beauty, wisdom for wisdom!

The 14th of May is a national holiday in Georgia called Tamaroba. This Day is dedicated to one the greatest georgian rulers — Queen Tamar («Tamara» is the Russian version of the name).

The great queen was descended from the ancient georgian Bagrationi dynasty. According to legend, Bagrat, one of the descendants of brother St. Joseph the Betrothed of Cleophas, moved to Byzantium in the sixth century. There he received the control of South Georgia, thus enabling the beginning of a great dynasty.

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The bottling of tasty things

So, you have already known the love story to mineral water. The bathing huts and hydrotherapy have successfully lived up to our days. Well, but who knows how and when people began to pack water and transport it to all parts of the world?

Borjomi of the Romanovs has quickly become famous. However, living near the resort or on the resort is impossible, and water is needed not only to those who can easily break away and go to such place.

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Tasty medicine from antiquity

As I wrote before, mineral water, extracted from the depths of the land or groundwater sources, have been treated since ancient times. And it is not witches, but the most serious healers for centuries considered it as a medicine prescribed mineral water. Famous Thales of Miletus said that the water was the source of all things.

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Familiar and unknown — who is she?

Today let’s talk about the most mysterious thing in Borjomi — water. How did the water come on our planet?

There are many sources that suggest a lot of theories. Nobody knows whether the appearance of water caused by the divine nature or by the cosmic nature (water is included in the structure of the comet matter). No one probably has been confirmed. Water is one of the most amazing creations; it continues to amaze even the world-renowned scientists.

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The first post about water history

I’m gonna share with you the most fascinating results of research from the past.

Also I’m going to tell you a lot of interesting about tricky things concerning water  (a lot of people actually don’t know such stuff). I’ll gonna inform you about how people began to use mineral water long time ago. And even about the cults of worship the water and water gods!

I bet you did not know anything about the love of Peter the Great to the different ways of healing using mineral water? And what about Japanese water demons? Or about such thing, that the magical properties of water — the world’s only substance capable of taking all three states of matter – have not been explored until now?

Stories will be very exciting without a doubt! Have a good mood and delicious water! As people usually say: truth in wine, health in water! (Latin proverb)