Kutna Hora


Name “Kutna Hora” probably is not familiar to you. It seems that there is nothing interesting for tourists. Perhaps, they go there only to put in an appearance. What special features has this place? Well, a small town sixty kilometers from Prague … The historic center, which all can be walked round during 2 hours. Antique cathedrals, the royal palace and the mint place. Pavements, narrow streets and other things in the spirit of «old Europe».

All like in capital, but Kutna Hora is a bit smaller. It is like a regional center with a population of 20,000 inhabitants.

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Jan Hus

I’ve written about the Czech holidays and while writing I thought: What do we actually know about the main national hero of the Czech Republic — Jan Gus?

It’s clear that in mind course of history of the Middle Ages comes up. Jan Hus- a scientist and a preacher — was burned at the stake — national liberation movement of the Czech Republic — Hussite Wars. In principle, information is more than enough. But this information doesn’t give us the complete answer to the question: “What place did Sir Gus take in history? What special was in the medieval sermons of this medieval Che Guevara?”

And now let’s take the laptop and Borjomi and absorb in the history of the Czech Republic.

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Kutna Hora. Part 2.

Today I will tell you about one of the most original monuments of Czech architecture — «Ossuary». It is the chapel in the Cathedral of All Saints. The whole interior of this chapel is made of the shocking material. The altar, chandeliers and paintings are made from human bones. The decoration of the chapel consists of about 40,000 human skeletons.

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