Garden City. Part 2

This time we will put aside the historical part of story and I will tell you about the places of interest in Marianske Lazne.

I will begin with the reason of founding this city. In the previous article I’ve told you about my version with mosquitoes. Of course, it is very funny, but really it is very far from reality. In fact, tourists are attracted not only by the beauty of parks and stunning architecture in Baroque and Empire style.


People come here because of healing springs, which come from the deep of Slavkov Forest. In contrast to Karlovy Vary springs, springs of Marianske Lazne are cold waters of shallow bedding. There are 40 springs in the city and about 100 springs in the suburbs. I will not delve deeply into the medical features and useful properties of these sources because the genre of the article will turn from popular into a scientific and the volume of text will increase appreciably.


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Garden City. Part 1

Marianske Lazne. The pearl of West Bohemia.

Part 1.


The most popular Czech spa is Carlsbad, of course. They are older and larger and more popular than other spas. But all these stereotypes work until the moment when you cross the boundaries of Marianske Lazne.


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