Borjomi recommends: nutrition after diet


If you have managed to lose weight, it does not mean that all problems are solved forever. Those, who want to be slim, should very wisely and carefully make the menu. You should plan your meals during the diet and after it.

In such case these simple rules will help you:

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Cutlets with Borjomi. An unusual recipe.

Cutlets: “Add … water!»


Many women hurrying after work think about spoiling their family with something tasty and something, which does not require much time to cook. Let’s cook cutlets! This dish is easy to cook and each recipe has its own peculiarities. There is no “correct” recipe for this dish. Every family has their own recipe. And we have a recipe of cutlets… with mineral water!

The first step is to prepare the stuffing. Chop meat in a meat grinder (700 grams of beef and 300 grams of pork).

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Chinese Diet based on “Borjomi”


During this diet you can drink only mineral water. Absolutely exclude salt and sugar. Also you should not change the menu, because only such sequence of food consumption causes the necessary changes in the metabolic processes of the body. One of the components of the Chinese diet is rice, but its consumption is limited in order not to cause harm to the body by such heavy product. Chinese nutritionists pay much attention to the mineral water and they recommend to drink it at least 1 liter per day. Mineral water cleans the intestines from toxins and helps to maintain a healthy body and rejuvenates it.

Diet should not be changed. You should follow the proposed menu strictly. The result of the Chinese diet is minus 9.8 kilograms. This Chinese Diet is applied during 14 days.

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14% more!


In 2011 the IDS Group Ukraine plans to increase sales of Borjomi to 14,3% in the bottles. Zaza Kikvadze, the general director of IDS Borjomi Georgia, has told this fact at a press conference in Borjomi with the participation of Ukrainian journalists. They expect to increase sales at the expense of new bottle. According to Mr. Kikvadze, in December (the first month after introduction a new bottle into use) overall sales of Borjomi in Georgia increased by 68% comparing with the same period last year. Previously, average monthly was 10-12% (year to year).

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Borjomi quenches the thirst in spring


In spring and summer refreshments are especially in demand. What is the best way to quench thirst? Let’s see.




Juices are rich in vitamins and trace elements. People like to drink them when the weather is warm. However, most part of fruit juices contains a lot of sugar. For example, a glass of orange juice provides you with about four pieces of sugar and gives you about 90 kcal. You should also remember that all fruit juices are bad for your teeth. Sugar and fruit acids combine with dental plaque and lead to the formation of caries. Therefore, after you have drunk juice, you should rinse your mouth.

Types of fruit juices:

— Fresh. Such type of juices contains a maximum of vitamins and low calories, but it can be stored only for two days.

— Nectars. They contain from 10 to 50% of juice. They have a lot of sugar, and therefore a lot of calories.

— Recovered. Fruit juice concentrate is diluted with water up to the original consistency. After that it is sterilized. Typically, such juices are additionally enriched with vitamins. It can be stored for a week.

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Georgia’s Borjomi will be offered on-board «Air Baltics»


According to the News-Georgia, from the 1st of March Georgian mineral water Borjomi will be sold on board «Air Baltics».

The corresponding agreement between the «Air Baltics» and «IDS Borjomi Europe» (the representative of manufacturers of mineral waters «IDS Borjomi Georgia» in the Baltic States and Europe) was concluded last week.

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An article about mineral water, which can be used as a component of the facial mask


«Borjomi» would be a perfect component of the facial mask 🙂


Facial masks with mineral water

Masks with mineral water are popular because mineral water is quite capable of replacing expensive thermal water offered by cosmetic companies.

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