Личная Луна Леонида Тишкова

Художник Леонид Тишков и фотограф Борис Бендиков — соавторы удивительного фотопроекта под названием “Личная луна”. Серия восхитительных фотографий наполнена не только глубоким философским смыслом, но и выполнена на высоком техническом уровне.

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Источник фотографий: http://studio67.by/

Amiraniani. Georgian epos about a hero-sufferer

Well, I decided to tell you the legend of Amirani. It is the most famous legend of Georgia, which was born in Mtskheta and spread through the entire Caucasus.

However, despite this fact, in Soviet schools (the place where I started my education) only one paragraph in a history book was dedicated to this old Georgian legend. But later when I was filled with salty taste of Borjomi and under the auspices of this I wanted to know more about the culture of Georgia as a whole, I came across several sources, which told the legends almost completely. There are different versions of paraphrase, but I will tell you the most popular.

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