How to take vitamins: 4 main rules



Unfortunately, truism that all the necessary vitamins can be taken from food does not always work. So, vitamin supplements on pharmacy shelves are growing like mushrooms after rain.

It is easy to get lost. But in order to provide body with synthetic vitamins in right way it is worth remembering several simple rules:

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Lose weight by spring: the spring diet!


This article is about how to lose weight quickly for spring and to impress the world with your freshness and beauty. During cold weather many people accumulate extra pounds: it is a natural process, because the organism of humans is like organism of animals – it fills the fat layer to keep warm. In order to restore the figure and lose weight during “hibernation” a special spring diet will help. It contains the basis of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

During the winter the body not only accumulate extra pounds, but also lose necessary vitamins, lack of which appears in early spring. After all, everyone familiar with the phenomenon of spring beriberi. The prevention of this problem is another important point of the spring diet.

Losing weight by the spring is very easy; you just have to listen to your body. In the spring the bloom is not only external but also internal. Timid sun looks, caressing tarnished skin, the lungs are filled with fresh air and rich aroma of snowdrops, and the stomach does not require hot fatty food – it he wants something light and juicy. So let’s give him what he asks.

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