Prague in bottles

Hello again to you from the capital city Prague! Today I’m going to tell you some information about the distances, sights and the bottles of Borjomi. Once I went on an excursion to the Crimea. And we had a very remarkable guide. He told us a lot of interesting about the history of Crimea, the sights, and of course, about the Crimean wines. From the whole story I only remember one phrase:

— Over the last year in one of the Crimean wineries were spilled so much wine bottles, that if you put them into a wall height of one meter, the length of the wall would be …

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How I remained.

Why am I in Prague and not Paris or Hanover? My friends often ask me: “Why among all the cities you chose Prague and sat down here? For you had the opportunity to go anywhere, even in New Zealand!” I shall answer. Prague conquered me once and for all.

Firstly, Prague is a very beautiful city. Yards, streets, roofs, gardens and parks, the majestic Vltava. Old Town, New Town, Hradcany, Petrin and Prague Castle. I cannot name all the places. You can add to all these things the tastiest beer in the world, good kitchen and you will get the perfect cocktail.

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