«Jenna» is walking around Prague.


As you probably have known from TV and the Internet: the Czech Republic is covered with snow. Cyclone Jenna also has caused a stir in other European countries, but I do not know the situation in other countries, I can only say that in Prague it caused a communal collapse. Some people think that it is only in the former USSR winter comes every year suddenly and communal services are not ready «in a special way.» I can assure you that it is nonsense. Communal services are identical in every country and they are not ready for winter. So, we have to live in the conditions of such unpreparedness. For example, in my apartment in Prague the water doesn’t freeze, but at the same time it doesn’t look like Miami. But why is it so? All because of “wise” homeowner, who has decided to change some pipes in the heating system in late November.

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Borjomi as a lifestyle

Have you known that here in Prague until 2002 water Borjomi has been a rarity? And you could buy it only if you are specially looking for it. Why is it so? I could not find the answer to this question for a long time. Until that time when my friend came into the cafe (where I am working) and began to brag about the bottle of Borjomi with words “Look at me! I’m russian oligarch! ))) “In what sense? “ – I asked, showing him several bottles of Borjomi (they were taken in Ukraine recently), which I always kept in the fridge at the bar… In general, it turned out that many Czechs have been aware of Borjomi and its beneficial properties, but thought that this water was too expensive for them! For Borjomi has been sold in the few restaurants in the old town in that time. Where is usually parked fashion «Rinspeed» and luxurious «Mersedes»… Where people drink «Beluga» and «Russian Standard» with caviar… our compatriots!

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Prague in bottles

Hello again to you from the capital city Prague! Today I’m going to tell you some information about the distances, sights and the bottles of Borjomi. Once I went on an excursion to the Crimea. And we had a very remarkable guide. He told us a lot of interesting about the history of Crimea, the sights, and of course, about the Crimean wines. From the whole story I only remember one phrase:

— Over the last year in one of the Crimean wineries were spilled so much wine bottles, that if you put them into a wall height of one meter, the length of the wall would be …

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How I remained.

Why am I in Prague and not Paris or Hanover? My friends often ask me: “Why among all the cities you chose Prague and sat down here? For you had the opportunity to go anywhere, even in New Zealand!” I shall answer. Prague conquered me once and for all.

Firstly, Prague is a very beautiful city. Yards, streets, roofs, gardens and parks, the majestic Vltava. Old Town, New Town, Hradcany, Petrin and Prague Castle. I cannot name all the places. You can add to all these things the tastiest beer in the world, good kitchen and you will get the perfect cocktail.

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