Advice, products and Borjomi for the beginners at vegetarianism


Vegetarianism is a deliberate move, but sometimes after the decision the question arises: what food shall I eat and in what way? Expand your creativity, buy necessary products and courageously experiment with combinations.

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A liter of Borjomi per day for your beauty


Eat light different food. Your hair and skin need vitamins and minerals. Such products would be good: legumes, fish, bananas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, seafood, dairy products (especially yogurt), oatmeal, buckwheat, sprouted wheat, fruits, vegetables, honey. Eat fruits and salads at least once a day. Do not forget that the menu should be various.

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Salad from salad

Californian Salad (salad with bacon)


1 bunch of ruccola, 1 bunch of sheet salad, 80-100 grams of  cedar nutlets, 8-10 strips of cut bacon, 1 avocado, 2-3 spoons of any vegetable oil, 120 grams of cheese «Torgonzola» (or any blue cheese), 1 table of wine vinegar, 4-6 table spoons of olive oil, a pinch provances grasses, 10 peas of black pepper (grind), pinch salt.

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