Borjomi, milk and other tips about the treatment of quinsy


Quinsy is an infectious disease, which is characterized by the inflammation of the tonsils located in the gullet on the both sides of uvula and soft palate.

The beginning of the disease is acute. The sick feels discomfort and heaviness in the head, pain while swallowing, dryness and soreness in the throat. It seems to the sick that the throat has narrowed (hence arose the name «quinsy,» which in Latin means «to compress», «to restrain»). The body temperature rises. Local changes in the throat, depending on the degree of affection, give evidence of increase and redness of the tonsils (catarrhal quinsy), the formation of purulent fur on the surface of tonsils (follicular angina),in some cases the appearance of purulent fur in the hollows of the tonsils – lacunas (lacunar angina). It is possible that lymph nodes will also increase in size.

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