Tasty things in batter

Batter is a great idea. The purpose of batter is that the products remain juicy and tender under the cover of the dough. The products keep their own taste without the direct contact with oil or other products.

What can be fried in batter?

Vegetables and fruits. Squashes or zucchini, bell pepper, onion rings and tomatoes. The very tasty thing in batter is cauliflower, but it should be boiled before cooking. Among fruits you can fry bananas, cherries, plums. In the batter can be fried mushrooms, cheese, pieces of raw fish, meat (pre-repelled), squid rings, shrimp.

In general, if suddenly your friends came, you can easily organize crunchy snack from the products, which are in the refrigerator.

For example, zucchini, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and squid. Cut pepper into rings (width of about 1 cm). Cut tomatoes in two parts and using a teaspoon, remove the pulp. Peel zucchini, cut lengthwise and cleaned out the seeds with a spoon. Cut zucchini into slices (thickness of about 1 cm).


Put the frozen squid into warm water and when they are defrosted, change the water and leave the squid for at least 30 minutes to soften. Cut the squid into rings of 0,5 cm.


And now the recipe of batter:

Egg — 4 pcs.

Flour — 1-1,5 cup

Water — 1 cup

Salt, a mixture of ground peppers, turmeric – according to taste.


Initially, separate the yolks from the whites.

Whites with a pinch of salt, beat with a mixer until thick foam will appear. Flour mix with turmeric, which will give it a yellowish color and flavor. Beat the yolks with salt and pepper and slowly pour a glass of ice water. In fact, the ice water is the secret of excellent crispy batter. Slowly pour flour and continue to beat until the dough will appear. Then pour beaten whites into the dough and slowly stir until it will be smooth.

Batter is ready, you can begin to fry. In a deep thick-walled pan pour a lot of refined oil. The oil should be well warmed up, you can check the oil temperature by dropping a drop of batter. If it reacts, the temperature is right. The process of frying is like that. Grab a piece using fork or tongs, drop in batter, and then in boiling oil, then the next piece. Fry for half a minute from the 2 sides. The ready pieces put on a paper towel to absorb the superfluous oil. Then put pieces on a large platter, decorate with greenery and enjoy your meal.

A small addition that I have to tell.

Batter is not health-giving food. So I recommend to wash down these pieces with Borjomi. It is just a preventive measure.

Okroshka based on mineral water


When in May the bags with the first radishes begin to appear on the market, conditioned reflex snap into action – it is time to make okroshka! At the same time one problem shows up – the problem of buying traditional kvass and whey. So I’m going to share one recipe, which is good in the spring and summer, and ingredient of which is always easy to buy — mineral water Borjomi.

Filling: 1 L of organic yogurt 3,2% , 1 L of cold mineral water «Borjomi», black pepper, juice of 1 lemon, 2 tbsp of piquant mustard .

Potatoes — 500 gr. Eggs — 6 pcs. Boiled beef or sausage — 300 gr. Cucumbers — 5 pcs. Radish — 300 gr. Dill, parsley and green onions.

Boil the potatoes and eggs, cool, clean and finely dice. Dice meat (sausage), cucumbers and cut radishes in semirings. Chop greens. Mix all ingredients in a bowl without salt!

Prepare filling: mix in a separate bowl yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, black pepper, also add cold mineral water. Taste it. Borjomi contains enough salt, so probably you don’t need to add salt.

Put okroshka on plates, fill it up with filling and mix. Mmm!

Seasonal recipes. Plum cake

Plum is a wonderful autumnal fruit. Plums contain a huge number of vitamins C, A, group B, besides organic acids, sugars, mineral salts.

Plum stimulates appetite, improves digestion, increases peristalsis, exerts a diuretic effect. Fruits can be eaten to strengthen the capillaries and as a decongestant (to them a lot of potassium). U.S. scientists claim that the plum is not a lesser degree than bananas, are able to deal with a bad mood. If you want to feel better you need to eat (at one time!) half a kilogram of plums. Or drink a glass of prune juice. It should only be remembered for their laxative effect.

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Picnic with shashlik

Suddenly — shashlik!

Every shashlik-lover has its own way of marinating the meat. People usually marinate in wine, vinegar, a beer and kefir. With the massive use of spices and flavorings, as well as long soaking. But really good, fresh meat may very well do without the «jewels».

Today I’ll show you how to cook shashlik quick and easy. Moreover, I am going to cook such shashlik, in which the meat will keep all aspects of taste and the spices will underline the taste. The recipe is Georgian, therefore it is original.

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