Nuts, apples, dried apricots and Borjomi is everything you need for a quick snack


Sometimes we do not have enough time. We all are in hurry. Even when you have to make a pause in order to eat, you try to do it as quickly as possible, eating on the run in order just to smother the feeling of hunger. A quick break can cause irreparable harm, if a snack is made from harmful product. Here are some products offered by the doctors for a quick snack:

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I think it’s time for a snack!

The attractiveness of Georgian culture is amazing. We love Georgia for its unique singing; great dancing; a variety of stunning beauty of nature; for temperaments of dzhigits; for Georgian women, who are beautiful and intelligent; for wine; for Borjomi … This fantastic mix was the result of complex historical processes, tears of oppression and the joy of liberation. I like the idea of harmonizing the historic crucible: all nations should live in peace and friendship. Moreover, Georgia is a multiethnic country.  Its main population is 70% of Georgians (they call themselves kartvelebi). They speak the Georgian language of the Kartvelian language family. However, learning Georgian culture is not easy process; you should take into account the 17 dialects of sub-ethnic groups: Western Georgia: The Ajarians, The Gurians, The Imeretians, The Lechkhumeli, The Rachveli; Eastern Georgia: The Kartlians, The Kakhetians, The Mokhevians, The Mtiuletis, The Pshaveli, The Tushi , The Khevsurians, ; South Georgia: The Djiavahians, The Meskhetians. Outside the Georgia: Ingiloys (Azerbaijan), Iran – The Fereydants (descendants of Georgians, who were deported to Iran by Shah Abbas in the early XVII century), The Imerhevs (in Turkey). Sub-ethnic groups of Georgians: The Mergelians and The Svans (resettled in western Georgia) speak Megrelian and Svan languages, Laz people (live mostly in Turkey). The religion is Orthodox; some of Georgians are Sunni Muslims (The Ajarians, The Meskhi, Ingiloys) , some of Georgian are Catholics. In Georgia also live such peoples: Armenians, Azeri, Russian and South Ossetians, Abkhazians, Greeks, Kurds, Assyrians, Udine, Caucasian Avars, Kist People. A lot of Georgian diasporas live in Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, northern Turkey and Iran. A lot of things in this sound: “the Georgians”. In Tbilisi I was amazed by one fact: in different companies during one day I was told the same anecdote in which the nationality of the protagonist varied depending on the nationality of the narrator. Georgians like to make fun of each other and I think it’s very nice. Well, but when you go to Georgia, try not to take part in conversation where the personality of the real Georgian is being discussed.)))

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