Tips of strengthening the immune system. Part One.


If you want to be healthy, you should change your lifestyle. Your motto: “say “no” to lying on the couch! Get up and do exercises!” Stress is the main enemy of immunity, so chase away bad feelings and do not be nervous. Try to get as much positive emotions as possible. It is better to begin the strengthening of the immune system with food.

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Meet spring with Borjomi


Spring is a time of tenderness, flowers, romance and love … Unfortunately, it is also a time of cold, influenza, beriberi and other diseases. There is nothing more repulsive than to get sick in spring, when the sky is blue and the sun shines brightly through the window. What danger did spring prepared for us?

In the spring important processes, such as metabolism, cell renewal and blood flow become more active, but a weakened immune system during the winter barely manages to cope with it.

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