The heritage of the Republic

— In the dark-dark room is hidden a treasure under seven locks. Every five years seven decent men unlock room by their seven keys and for one day the treasure is kept in the spacious hall. When the appointed day is over, the treasure is returned under a heavy oak door for the next five years.

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Prague in bottles

Hello again to you from the capital city Prague! Today I’m going to tell you some information about the distances, sights and the bottles of Borjomi. Once I went on an excursion to the Crimea. And we had a very remarkable guide. He told us a lot of interesting about the history of Crimea, the sights, and of course, about the Crimean wines. From the whole story I only remember one phrase:

— Over the last year in one of the Crimean wineries were spilled so much wine bottles, that if you put them into a wall height of one meter, the length of the wall would be …

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