The ninth post

This time I’m a bit upset because of two reasons: the first reason lies in the fact that honestly saying, my weight is the same. On the scales I still can see number 60. I cannot understand what causes it: whether I have superfluous fats and carbohydrates in my organism, or whether it is «the effect of the war» in the body ( I wrote before in which cases there is a necessity of a food zigzag if you remember. Maybe it has happened again…), or maybe it is just the lack of winter cycling, but this week I decided not to practice any diet from start to finish, but only to count the consumed calories.


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Did you know, that…


Here are some Fascinating Facts about water:


— Water necessity takes the second place after oxygen. Water is necessary for us to live! It is known that human can live up to 6 weeks without food, but only one week without water.

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Andrei Tarkovsky

Every year more and more famous people become the fans of Borjomi. Now when Borjomi sponsoring international games, contests and competitions, Borjomi appears on the table of judges more often, and not only in CIS countries. But what was before?

Do you want to find out what do famous people from different times think about the best mineral water?

Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky is a legend of Soviet cinema. Tarkovsky made his films special by masterfully creating cunning psychological moves and bringing into the script his point of view.

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The Romanovs and Borjomi — general great story

Several generations in succession the bank of mineral water was protected by deputies of the king of Borjomi – The Romanovs. The family of the great princes and princesses with the greatest history ruled in Russia before the Revolution of 1917.

The name of the king usually was not mentioned, but unofficially the throne for many centuries belonged to the House of Romanov. Who else (except a family member) the Emperor Alexander II could trust the Caucasus and a valuable source?

In 1862 the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov comes into own of the subsequent fate of the village Borjomi and the adjoining reserve. Among all places the prince chooses the most beautiful place — Borjomi — and brings family here. In honor of his wife he had built Olgievsky bridge that existed for one hundred years.

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The seventh post

Hello again!

The extreme period of the diet is over, but my life will go on and on in so-called “health-nutritious” mode.  Because as I have written here before many times, it is not enough just to lose weight, the important thing is to prevent the weight from re-increasing.

However, I cannot say that this week I was too honest, but I had a reason – it was my birthday J About this event I’ll write in separate paragraph, because the whole week must be described from the beginning.

In general, I tried not to eat sugar, because I didn’t need superfluous carbohydrates. I like tea with sugar, so I had to have it with sugar substitute. I had it at the evenings when I wanted to eat and sometimes at night when I was at the night shift.

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The sixth post

Well, the «Japanese woman» should last for 2 weeks; before it I had the Dolina’s  diet if you remember, so the mockery of my body lasted for 35 days; 31 of them I spent according to all rules(well, almost:).  After 31 days my weight has not changed, I had to stimulate the body, so I made the «food zigzag.» Thus after the 31st day I was not sitting on a diet (it was a zigzag) and after a zigzag I started to lose weight again.The next thing is that I’m going to adhere to the definite rules of the diet for a long time, but not so strict, and of course I will inform you about this (as well as about the changes in my weight).

By the way, this is how I look at the moment:

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The fifth post

Today I have a terrible headache, and I do not know whether this is due to diet, but probably you have already accustomed to the shocks of my organism, and being rational people, you think that such jumps are natural during the diet, especially during such a long and tough diet as I have. It is true that my body has already adapted to the situation and now it behaves quietly as if it was always, not just the last six weeks. I reassure it verbally, also by telling him many tender words 🙂 But why I have a headache, honestly, I have no idea. In any case, let’s start! The report of the next phase of the diet:

The 25th day.

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Academician Sakharov

Sakharov is a soviet physicist, academician of the USSR and political activist, a dissident and human rights activist, one of the founders of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. A laureate of the Nobel Prize of 1975.


The fact that Sakharov was a truly legendary figure is especially visible from the current time. His scientific predictions are gradually implemented, bringing the sacred awe to the scientists from all over the world.

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The fourth post

This week I have lost weight on my hands and you can see it on the photo (are you agree with me, huh?) They lost muscle mass and fat mass, so they look like sticks… In addition, the ribs are distinctly seen on my body. My mother calls me a «child of Buchenwald”, in general — the top of the body is losing weight with terrible force, but the bottom is waiting for the very last moment to decrease the weight a little (this is the feature of my organism). Also my face has become more slender, especially cheeks; you can see the result on the photo:

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Tasty things in batter

Batter is a great idea. The purpose of batter is that the products remain juicy and tender under the cover of the dough. The products keep their own taste without the direct contact with oil or other products.

What can be fried in batter?

Vegetables and fruits. Squashes or zucchini, bell pepper, onion rings and tomatoes. The very tasty thing in batter is cauliflower, but it should be boiled before cooking. Among fruits you can fry bananas, cherries, plums. In the batter can be fried mushrooms, cheese, pieces of raw fish, meat (pre-repelled), squid rings, shrimp.

In general, if suddenly your friends came, you can easily organize crunchy snack from the products, which are in the refrigerator.

For example, zucchini, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and squid. Cut pepper into rings (width of about 1 cm). Cut tomatoes in two parts and using a teaspoon, remove the pulp. Peel zucchini, cut lengthwise and cleaned out the seeds with a spoon. Cut zucchini into slices (thickness of about 1 cm).


Put the frozen squid into warm water and when they are defrosted, change the water and leave the squid for at least 30 minutes to soften. Cut the squid into rings of 0,5 cm.


And now the recipe of batter:

Egg — 4 pcs.

Flour — 1-1,5 cup

Water — 1 cup

Salt, a mixture of ground peppers, turmeric – according to taste.


Initially, separate the yolks from the whites.

Whites with a pinch of salt, beat with a mixer until thick foam will appear. Flour mix with turmeric, which will give it a yellowish color and flavor. Beat the yolks with salt and pepper and slowly pour a glass of ice water. In fact, the ice water is the secret of excellent crispy batter. Slowly pour flour and continue to beat until the dough will appear. Then pour beaten whites into the dough and slowly stir until it will be smooth.

Batter is ready, you can begin to fry. In a deep thick-walled pan pour a lot of refined oil. The oil should be well warmed up, you can check the oil temperature by dropping a drop of batter. If it reacts, the temperature is right. The process of frying is like that. Grab a piece using fork or tongs, drop in batter, and then in boiling oil, then the next piece. Fry for half a minute from the 2 sides. The ready pieces put on a paper towel to absorb the superfluous oil. Then put pieces on a large platter, decorate with greenery and enjoy your meal.

A small addition that I have to tell.

Batter is not health-giving food. So I recommend to wash down these pieces with Borjomi. It is just a preventive measure.