Henry V. Struve and rebellious duke Winston Churchill

Henry V. Struve is a great Russian chemist and a hereditary noble. Surname “Struve” in Russia belonged only to the representatives of mental labor. The Struve family consisted only of writers, philosophers and even engineers.

Struve (an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Sciences) was the discoverer of the reagent for the detection of arsenic. His real name was Henry Wilhelm. Actually, he has discovered this reagent specifically for forensic examination. Thanks to Henry Struve, the knowledge of the scientists was widened by works about inorganic, analytical, physical and forensic chemistry. But this was just a small part that Struve has brought into the contribution to science. Struve moved in 1867 from St. Petersburg to Tbilisi because of undermining health during the gilding of the dome Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (project by K.A. Tone in Moscow). Here he was appointed as an expert to the governor of the Caucasus. Struve has investigated the composition of mineral water in Sochi, that is why he continued his one of the favorite activities during the service in Borjomi.

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